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•••• <-"is4W5».'-- '^SSji^-' estate.- of'tJ'lo'mla. tJL-ifttK-fu-tLi^.'iiii'^ i^icAitt- o^.'^fui^mLa- BELV1N PERRY,JR. CHIEF JUDGE COUNTIES OF ORANGE AND OSCEOLA ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE OF THE COURTS ORANGE COUNTY COURTHOUSE MATTHEW L. BENEFIEL 425 N. ORANGE AVENUE, 21" FLOOR COURT ADMINISTRATOR ORLANDO, FLORIDA 32801 (407) 836-2051 WWW.NINJA9.0RG CTADMBl@OCNJCC.ORG To: Richard T. Crotty, County Chairman and the Board of County Commissioners From: Matt Benefiel, Court Administrator U ^ Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Date: July 7, 2003 Subject: Grant-in-Aid Agreement for Alternative Dispute Resolution Enclosed please find one copy of the Grant-in-Aid Agreement for Alternative Dispute Resolution. This agreement is made among the Office of the State Courts Administrator (the "OSCA"), the Orange County Mediation Program (the "Grantee"), and the Ninth Judicial Circuit (the "Grant Manager"). The OSCA will pay the Grantee $33,475.00 as a grant-in-aid provided from the ADR Mediation/Arbitration Trust Fund to support the Orange County Dispute Resolution Parent Coordination Program. Upon receipt of a written request for release of funds, the OSCA will release to the Grantee $16,737.50. The remaining will be available on November 15,2003 after receipt and evaluation of the First Performance Report. This allotment is based on an implementation period commencing July 1, 2003 and ending March 31, 2004. Action Requested: Please have the agreement, and release request signed by the County Commission Chairman and returned to Court Administration, Attention: Howard Brooks. Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Howard Brooks at 836-2234. Thanks for your assistance. Enclosure(s) c: Ernest Moody Bonnie Tubbs 15

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