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Interoffice Memorandum August12,2016 TO: THROUGH: FROM: CONTACT: SUBJECT: Mayor Teresa Jacobs -AND- Board of County Commissioners .. /., Christopher Hunter, M.D., Ph.D., Director L .. Health Services Department / Carol Burkett, Director, Drug Free Offic{Jf) Whitney E. Evers, Assistant County Attorney ( 407) 836-7321 August 23, 2016 - Public Hearing AGENDA ITEM Proposed Ordinance for Temporary Moratorium on Medical Cannabis Activities within Unincorporated Orange County On July 19,2016, the Board of County Commissioners ("BCC") directed staff to draft an ordinance implementing a temporary moratorium within unincorporated Orange County on all medical cannabis activities ("Ordinance"). The intent of the Ordinance is to allow staff to have a sufficient opportunity to study how medical cannabis activities will affect and impact the health, safety and welfare of residents and businesses located within the county and to develop and recommend land development regulations for medical cannabis activities in the unincorporated areas of the County as well as any other relevant regulations and recommendations. Pursuant to the Ordinance, as drafted, the moratorium would remain in effect until the effective date of an ordinance establishing new or amended land development regulations concerning medical cannabis activities within unincorporated Orange County, or until May 23, 2017, whichever date is earlier. Due to the time sensitive nature of the Ordinance, the Ordinance has not yet been heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission I Local Planning Agency ("PZC/LPA"), but is scheduled to be heard by the PZC/LPA on August 18, 2016. Therefore, staff will provide the BCC with the recommendation of the PZC/LPA at the August 23'd Public Hearing. ACTION REQUESTED: APPROVAL OF AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING A TEMPORARY MORATORIUM WITHIN THE UNINCORPORATED AREAS OF ORANGE COUNTY; PROHITIBING ANY AN ALL MEDICAL CANNABIS ACTIVITIES DURING THE MORATORIUM PERIOD FOR ANY PROPERTY WITHIN ANY UNINCORPORATED AREAS OF ORANGE COUNTY; ADOPTING FINDINGS OF FACT; PROVIDING DEFINITIONS; AND PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. Attachment Cc: Ajit M. Lalchandani, County Administrator Jeffrey J. Newton, County Attorney George A Ralls, M.D., Deputy County Administrator Joel Prinsell, Deputy County Attorney • 641


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