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op-~E C~mtY GOVE!lliMENT FLORIDA AGEJ\TDA DEVEWP L CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1 201 South Rosalind Avenue • ] 4-07-836-R426, F""" 407-836-2 August 3, 2016 TO: FROM: Mayor Teresa Jacobs -AND- Board of County Commissionersrnh Cheryl J. Gillespie, Supervisor ~\ Agenda Development Office . 32802-1393 SUBJECT: Appointment to Community Action Board CONSENT AGENDA ITEM AUGUST 23, 2016 The Community Action Board (CAB) is responsible for development, review, supervision, evaluation, and making recommendations for final approval of all fiscal and program policies, plans, priorities, proposals, budgets, and any other activities to be conducted by Orange County Community Action. The CAB consists of three sectors: public sector, private sector, and low income community sector. The Board of County Commissioners appoints the eight members of the public sector, which is composed of up to three county commissioners, up to three elected officials from three different municipalities located in Orange County, up to two members representing the state of Florida or United States Congress, and one member of the Orange County School Board. There is currently one vacancy on the board for a state or federal representative. Representative Bruce H. Antone has volunteered to fill this vacancy. A copy of Representative Antone's advisory board application for appointment is available upon request. The term is for four years. ACTION REQUESTED: Appointment of Representative Bruce H. Antone to the Community Action Board in the state or federal representative category with a term expiring December 31, 2020. 14 14


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