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David Roussel EXPERIENCE: 1998-2006 BellSout h Kenner, LA Manager Fleet  Operations Reduce fleet operating costs each year by5%. Overhauled & launched effective PM schedule for BellSouth fleet. Introduced new vendors and reduced costs without sacrifice of quality. Ensure that vendor repairs are done correctly and at approved cost estimates. Review & negotiate existing local contracts driving cost down while ensuring quality. Increased client satisfaction rate from 70% to 88%, highest in state. Introduce newways to do business. Developed an e-mail/phone client contact system to advise clients of repairs/PM done t o  their  vehicles. Supervise 4 garage locations in New Orleans for maintenance & repair of 750 vehicles. Perform safety and environmental  audits of all BellSouth  garages in LA. Perform periodic inventory of parts, tools & supplies for PM of vehicles. Responsible  for coordination & disposal of all BellSouth vehicles in LA at auction. Environmental & Safety Manager for the state of LA. Recipient of 2001 Department Head Award for Louisiana. 1982-1997 Lamarqu e Motor Company Kenner, LA Manager Service  Operations Manager of Five new car dealership service operations for Ford, Lincoln/Mercury, Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, and Nissan. Responsible  for CSI performance in all five dealerships.  Dodge won Five Star Awardin 1997, Ford won Chairman Award in 1990 & 1996. Successfully opened two dealerships from ground up. Staffed  'Parts', 'Service',  and 'Body Shop' in both locations (Dodge and Ford). Designed  a new Lincoln Mercury service dept. in Harvey, LA. As Service Director, involved in hiring, developing, training, and motivating team to achieve each stores' goals. Took part in Leadership Development Ford XL2000 in 1992 and was responsible for facilitating and installing the XL2000 process, analysis and corporate initiatives. Expanded  existing  service business by building lasting relationships with businessesand customers in the area. Developed  a customer retention/advertising  program to keep new, used, and existing service  customers. Installed the modified team/group concept in all service  operations. Received Ford Distinguished Achievement Award in 1991 & 1992. •     Ford Asset Board Member- Delgado College  1988to  1998. Ford Service Manager Advisory Committee Member  1990/91, 1995. •     Fred Jones Remen Advisory Committee Member  1989,  1992,  1993. President Ford Parts &Service  Club- NewOrleans 1992, 1993. 13

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