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I .  CONSENT   AGENDA COUNTY  MAYOR'S  REPORT 1 TELEPHONE 407-836-7370 FAX 407-836-7360 201  SOUTH  ROSALIND   AVENUE, P.O.   Box  1393,ORLANDO   FL   32801 RICHARD  T.   CROTTY MAYOR August 8, 2006 To: Board of County Commissioners From: Mayor Richard T. Grotty Subject: Management Appointment - Fleet Management Division I t   is  my  pleasure  to  announce  the  selection  of  Mr.  David  Roussel  to  serve  as  the Manager of the Fleet Management  Division.   Mr. Roussel will be replacing  Doug Brock, our retiring Fleet Manager. Mr. Roussel has over 38 years of experience  in the  Fleet  Management  area.   He has worked in various  Fleet  Management  positions,  including Manager  of Fleet  Operations for BellSouth in Kenner, Louisiana,  Manager of Service Operations for Lamarque Motor Company in Kenner,  Louisiana,  and a Ford  Parts and Service  Representative for  Ford Motor Company in Metairie,  Louisiana. Mr. Roussel earned a Bachelor's  Degree in Industrial Technology from the University of Louisiana and MBA graduate courses from LSU, Baton Rouge,  Louisiana.  He is also a Certified Manager and Technician from Ford Motor Company. Mr.  Roussel  will  assume  his  duties  as  Manager  of  Fleet  Management   on  Monday, August 28, 2006 at a starting annual salary of $80,000. Attached for your  review  is Mr.  Roussel's  resume.   Mr. Roussel brings  a  tremendous amount  of  knowledge  and  experience   necessary to  manage  our  Fleet   Management Division.    If you  have  any  questions  regarding  his  qualifications,   please  contact  Ajit Lalchandani or me. Action requested:  Confirmation of appointment of David Roussel as Manager of Fleet Management, Administrative Services Department Attachments C: Ajit M. Lalchandani, County   Administrator Sharon Donoghue,  Deputy County  Administrator Tom Weinberg,  Deputy County  Administrator Warren Geltch, Director, Administrative  Services  Department John D. Terwilliger, Deputy Director,  Administrative Services  Department Ricardo Daye, Human Resources  Director 12

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