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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Interoffice  Memorandi I .  CONSENT AGENDA ADMINISTRATIVE  SERVICES DEPARTMENT 8 July 13,2005 TO: FROM: Mayor Richard T. Grotty and the Board of County Commissioners r }hnny Richardson, Manager sing and Contracts Division 407-836-5633 CONTACT: Doug Brock, Manager, Fleet Management Division 407-836-8201 SUBJECT: Approval of Contract Y5-653-NW, Upgrade of Fleet Management Automated Fuel Tracking System at Fueling Sites RECOMMENDATION: Approval of Contract Y5-653-NW,  Upgrade of Fleet Management Automated Fuel Tracking System at Fueling Sites, with E.J. Ward, Inc., in the amount of  $100,974.  Funds are available i n  account numbers 5530 043 2031  3810 and  1002 072 2908 3810.   The Fleet Management Division and the Roads and Drainage Division concur with this recommendation. PURPOSE: To  upgrade  the  existing  automated  fuel  tracking system  at  13 County  fueling  sites.    This upgrade  will  replace  the  outdated  terminal  boards  at  each  site  and  allow  for  continuous automated fueling operations in the event of a communications system failure. DISCUSSION: Fleet Management operates the County's automated fuel system that tracks and documents  fuel usage for County vehicles  and equipment.  Currently, there are  14 sites located throughout the County that  give  employees  accessible, local  locations  to  fuel  their vehicles and equipment without having to return to one or two centralized sites. The current fuel system was manufactured and installed in 1984 by E.J. Ward to operate 13 of the sites and has served the County well for over 20 years.    The fuel system's main server is located at Fleet Management. These older sites require electricity and a constant, uninterrupted phone  line  connection  to  facilitate communications  with  the  main  server  to  allow  users  to dispense  fuel.  Whenever communications with the main server are disrupted, these sites cannot operate automatically and must be  staffed  around the clock  as was the case during the 2004 hurricanes.  As a direct result, Fleet Management spent countless man-hours manually inputting the fuel usage data from this period so it was properly documented. Recently, the same situation 54

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