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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Interoffice Memorandi July 8,2005 TO: I .  CONSENT  AGENDA ADMINISTRATIVE  SERVICES DEPARTMENT 3 Mayor Richard T. Grotty and the Board of County Commissioners FROM: /dfohjHryRichardson, Manager ^/Purchasing and Contracts Division 407-836-5633 CONTACT:    Elaine Walker, Administrator Purchasing and Contracts Division 407-836-5664 SUBJECT: Award of Invitation for Bids Y5-1078-JS, Emergency Drinking Water Supplies Opened: July 7, 2005,2:OOPM Responses from non-M/WBE Vendors:  1 Responses from M/WBE Vendors: 0 RECOMMENDATION: Approval  to  award  Invitation  for  Bids  Y5-1078-JS,  Emergency  Drinking  Water Supplies,   to  the   sole   responsive   and  responsible   bidder,  Nestle   Waters  North America, in an estimated contract award amount of $151,184. PURPOSE: Emergency drinking water supplies will be distributed to citizens and Orange County employees  in  the  event  of  a  natural  disaster  and/or  interruption  of  potable  water availability. DISCUSSION: One bid was received  in response  to Invitation for Bids Y5-1078-JS  for  emergency drinking water supplies.  The bid is considered reasonable based on the following: a. The per gallon cost of $1.40is consistent with the prices paid during last year's hurricanesjwhichwas $1.33per gallon. b. Price compares favorably with advertised prices from the Florida  Coca Cola Bottling Company of $1.73 per gallon. Nestle  Waters  North America  supplied  the  County with  twenty-one  tractor  trailer loads  of bottled water during last year's  hurricanes and performed  in a  satisfactory manner. A bid tabulation is attached. 42

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