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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Interoffice  Memoran I .  CONSENT AGENDA ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1 July 14,2005 TO: FROM: Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of County Commissioners i y  Richardson, Manager, Purchasing and Contracts Division CONTACT:    John Plescia, Event Operations Manager, Orange County Convention Center PHONE: 407-685-9869 SUBJECT: Award of Invitation for Bids Y5-1052-PD, Rental of Rigging Equipment Date of Opening:  June  14,2005 Solicitations Issued to Non-M/WBE Vendors:   3 Solicitations Issued to M/WBE Vendors: 0 Responses:   1 Responses:   0 Approval to award Invitation for Bids Y5-1052-PD, Rental of Rigging Equipment, to the  low responsive  and  responsible  bidder, Production  Resource  Group, for  a  1-year term contract renewable for a maximum of four additional years by the Purchasing and Contracts Division in the estimated annual contract amount of $120,000.   The Orange County Convention Center anticipates that the entire contract amount will be ordered on an annual basis.   The final contract amount may be less than or greater than the award amount based  on the rate  of usage.   The Orange County Convention Center  concurs with this recommendation. PTTRPOSF- This  contract will provide  rigging equipment to be rented based on show demands to augment  equipment  owned  by  the  Convention  Center.     This   equipment  will   be compatible with Convention Center inventory or equal equipment that can be used as a stand alone system. DISCUSSION- One (1) bid was received  in response to this Invitation for Bids.   Bids were mailed  to the  three known providers  of rental rigging equipment hi the Orange County area  in addition to being posted  on the County's web site.   Ocean State Production  Services never expressed  interest in bidding.  Aerial Rigging, Inc. attended the pre-bid meetings, 38

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