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TUESDAY. AUGUST 2. 2005 I .  CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) C. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT (Continued) 9. Ratification of Contract Y5-752,  Nashville  Avenue  Pond  Restoration, with Cathcart Contracting  Company  in the amount of $265,417.  ([Highway  Construction Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 56-57 10. Ratification  of Contract  Y5-758, Riverside  Park  Drive  at  Little Wekiva  River  South NRCS  Restoration,  with  Subaqueous  Services,  Inc., in the  amount  of $313,965. ([Roads and Drainage  Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 58-59 11. Ratification  of Contract Y5-759, Riverside Acres Subdivision at Little Wekiva  River North  NRCS  Restoration,  with  Stage  Door  II,  Inc., in  the  amount  of $619,000. ([Roads and Drainage  Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 60-61 12. Approval of Sole  Source  Contract  Y5-652, Mobexcom  II Vehicular  Repeaters  with Motorola  Engineering and  Sales  at  a  contract  award  amount  of $139,613. ([Fire Rescue  Department]  Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 62 13. Approval  and   execution   by  the   Mayor   of  Resolution   and   County  Deed  and authorization to dispose of surplus property and  record  instrument for Tax  Deeds (Surplus  Properties)   (City  of  Orlando).   Districts  2,  3,  5,  and  6.  (Real  Estate Management Division) Page 63-64 14. Approval of Utility Easement  and authorization  to record instrument for Tennyson Park.  District 1. (Real Estate Management Division) Page 65 D. COMMUNITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1. Approval  to  advertise  Resolutions  for  Special   Assessment  Liens  on  property cleaned   by  Orange   County,   pursuant  to  Orange   County   Code,   Chapter   28, Nuisances,  Article  II,  Lot Cleaning.   Districts 2, 4,  5,  and 6. (Code  Enforcement Division) Page 66-67 LC05-279;    LC05-312; LC05-309; LC05-327; LC05-339; LC05-233;    LC05-268; LC05-294; LC05-293. E. GROWTH MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT 1. Approval  of  an  Agreement   between   Orange   County   and  the  Christmas   Civic Association   regarding  the   Community   Development    Block  Grant   Program,   to renovate  the  Christmas   Civic  Center.   District  5.  (Housing  and  Community Development Division) Page 68-75 CONTINUED Page 3

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