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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A July 5, 2005 Interoffice  Me I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY  ADMINISTRATOR 2 AGENDA   ITEM TO: Mayo r Richard T. Crotty -AND- Board of County Commissioners FROM: Randy Singh, Manager, Office of Management  and Budget (OMB) SUBJECT: Consent Agenda Item for August 2, 2005 Law Enforcement Trust Fund  Expenditure Orange County Sheriffs Office Request The Orange County Sheriffs  Office is requesting  to spend $42,177 from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund for the following purposes: Equipment: 1.   Blade Tech Holsters from Taser International - $10,943.   These holsters will replace the current issued cross draw holsters, which are known to fall off a deputy's gun belt when the deputy is running, and also allows a suspect to easily grab the Taser.  The new holsters are made of a hard shell material  that prevents the officer safety issues cited above, as well as not allowing the Taser cartridge to become detached inside the holster from normal wear. 2.   Ballistic Entry Vest from U.S. Surplus Sales - $14,210.  These ballistic  entry vests will be utilized by ten (10) members of the Emergency Response Team's (ERT's) Special  Response Team who will be tasked with going into any type of weapon of mass destruction event with SWAT to clear and protect the Fire Rescue Department personnel. 3.   Helmets from PVPCommunications, Inc.  - $17,024.  This equipment will be utilized byour Motors Squad to bring the helmets they are required to wear up to date.  These helmets will also  be  equipped  with  an  updated  communications   package  that  will  help  deputies  to communicate more efficiently during radio  communication. ACTIONREQUESTED: Approval   for  the  Orange   County   Sheriffs  Office  to   spend $42,177  from  the  Law  Enforcement   Trust   Fund  to   purchase equipment   as  follows: Blade   Tech   Holsters   from   Taser International ($10,943), Ballistic  Entry  Vest  from  U.S.  Surplus ($14,210),   and   Helmets    from   PVP   Communications,     Inc. ($17,024). 17

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