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GOVERNMENT F L 0 R I I) ,\. Interoffice Memorandu I CONSENT AGENDA ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT July 3, 2018 TO CONTACT SUBJECT 2 Mayor Teresa Jacobs and the Board of County Commissioners Carne Mathes, Manager, Procurement Division Carla Johnson, Director of Strategic Planning and Development, Orange County Convention Center (407) 685-9854 Award of lnvitatiqn for Bids Y18-1027-AV, Shuttle Bus Services for Orange County Convention Center ACTION REQUESTED Approval to award Invitation for Bids Y18-1027-AV, Shuttle Bus Services for Orange County Convention Center, to the low responsive and responsible bidder for lot 2, Space Tours LLC, for an estimated contract award amount of $281,500 for a 1-year term. Further request authorization for the Procurement Division to renew the contract for four additional 1-year terms. PROCUREMENT To provide shuttle bus services for events held in the Orange County Convention Center. Services covered by this contract include transportation for employees and events. FUNDING Funding is available in account 4430-035-0985-3197. APPROVALS The Convention Center and Business Development Division concur with this recommendation. REMARKS Eleven bids were received in response to this Invitation for Bids and were evaluated for responsiveness, responsibility, and price reasonableness. The Board approved award on June 5, 2018, to Luxury Transportation Group Incorporated, Colstar Transportation Services Inc, Empire Coach Line, Inc, JB Bus Inc., and Owl, Inc, for Lot 2. Subsequently, JB Bus Inc was deemed non-responsible for not providing acceptable insurance; therefore, award is recommended to the next lowest responsive, responsible bidder for Lot 2, Space Tours LLC. 32 32


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