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FI,ORIDA . ,. Interoffice Memoran I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 3 AGENDA ITEM July 7,2015 TO: Mayor Teresa Jacobs -ANO- Board of County Commissioners ,.;. ' ,(J A.IJ FROM: Kurt N. Petersen, Manager, Office of Management and Budget ' SUBJECT: Consent Agenda Item for July 28, 2015 Law Enforcement Trust Fund Expenditure Orange County Sheriff's Office Request The Orange County Sheriff's Office is requesting $29,230 from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund for the following purpose: Sheriff's Equipment: Two (2) ScanPro 3000 Microfilm Scanning Systems and related equipment - $27,230. This purchase is for the Records and Identification Section. ScanPro 3000 is modern equipment for converting microfilm/fiche to digital data and is compatible with the current records management system. These scanners will streamline the process of adding these records into the records management system and will enable quick retrieval of historical data. When all historical microfilm/fiche records are entered into the records management system it will reduce the response time for certain public records requests. In addition, it will limit the potential liability of not locating all of the historic records related to a case report, CAD or supplemental information. Contributions: Man Up Mentoring, Inc. - $500. This organization strives to continually improve the quality of life for at-risk male youth by providing educational, mentoring and social services that will equip young men to lead inspiring lives. Early Learning Coalition of Orange County - $1,500. This organization provides information to parents for child care resources, as well as manages the School Readiness programs and the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten programs that provide free access to education for all eligible four year olds. I 50


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