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AGENDA Orange County Government • Boardof County Commissioners • 201South Rosalind Avenue County Commission Chambers • 1stFloor • County Administration Center MEETING STARTSAT 2:00 p.m. July 26, 2007 Agenda WQRKSESSION/PUBLIC HEARING Approval of  Intertocal Agreement Among  the City  of Orlando, City  of  Orlando Community    Redevelopment    Agency    and   Orange   County    regarding   the Performing  Arts  Center,  Events  Center  and  Citrus  Bowl,  with  such  approval subject to and conditional  upon subsequent  approval of an Ordinance  amending the Tourist Development  Plan. Approval of  an Ordinance  amending  the  Tourist  Development  Plan  to  provide additional funding to the Orlando/Orange  County Convention  & Visitors  Bureau, Inc.;  for  the  NBC Action  Sports  Tour  X-Games  in  Orlando  for  Fiscal  Years 2006/2007,  2007/2008  and  2008/2009   and  to  authorize   the  use  of  Tourist Development  Tax Revenues to fund construction  of a performing  arts center and the expansion of the Florida Citrus Bowl. ADJOURN AS THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS  AND RECONVENE AS THE ORANGE COUNTY COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY: 1. Approval of Acknowledgement   and Consent to  Expansion  of boundaries  of the Downtown  Redevelopment  Area  within the  boundaries  of  the  Orange  County Redevelopment  Area along the right of way of Church Street as set forth in the Intertocal Agreement  among the  City  of  Orlando,  City  of  Orlando  Community Redevelopment Agency and Orange County.

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