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Interoffice fsir^ iro I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1 GOVERNMENT FLORIDA June 7, 2004 TO- FROM: SUBJECT: Richard T. Crotty, County Chairman Board of County Commissioners Randy Singh, Manager, 0MB ^>- Consent Agenda Item for July 13, 2004 Law Enforcement Trust Fund Expenditure Sheriffs Office Request The Orange County Sheriff's Office is requesting to spend $83,332 from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund for the following purposes: Contributions The National Conference for Community and Justice - $2,500. The National Conference for Community and Justice is a human relations organization dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry and racism in our community through youth leadership programs, as well as actively participating in the development of state and federal hate crime legislation. The program provides positive social alternatives, community service opportunities and leadership development for teenagers in our community. The funds will be used to help support this program. Easter Seals Florida - $1,000. A summer program to provide camping and respite services for children and teens with disabilities, as well as at-risk youth from Devereaux Florida. The Easter Seals program will be teaching the youth about the effects of drug and alcohol abuse and staying away from a life of crime. Equipment/Sheriffs Program 12, Inc. - $59,832. Funding to purchase The Analyst Notebook software package that will enable investigators and analysts to bring clarity to complex investigations and intelligence information. The cost includes acquisition of the software package, support services and training. Orange County Police Athletic League (PAL) - $20,000. These forfeiture funds will be utilized to sustain PAL drug and crime prevention programs. The funds will also be used to fund camping, fishing, basketball, golf, football and cheerleading programs in various locations in Orange County. By reaching children at an early age and providing positive activities and encouragement, these programs provide a compelling alternative to youth crime, gang membership, drugs and other negative influences that affect our youth today. 16

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