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Page 2 of 2 Memo to the County Mayor and BCC July 3. 2006 Upon approval by the  Board, the  revised Disaster/Emergency  Work Assignment and  Compensation Policy will  be communicated  to all  County departments and employees   through   training   sessions,   the   Intranet,   and   a   variety   of   other communication methods. Any    policy    items   pertaining   to   disaster/emergency   work   assignments   and compensation  which predate this document and which are not addressed therein will  be  rescinded  upon the  Board's approval of the  new Policy  and Operational Regulations. The effective date for the revised policy is the first full pay period following Board approval, which allows time to communicate the changes prior to implementation. ACTIONREQUESTED: Board of County Commissioners' approval of the revised Disaster/Emergency  Work Assignment  and  Compensation  Policy  with  an effective date of the first full pay period following Board approval. Note to the Clerk: Please  return  one  approved  copy  of  this  memo  to  J.  Ricardo  Daye,  Human Resources Director. Attachments c: Ajit Lalchandani, CountyAdministrator Tom Drage, CountyAttorney Sharon Donoghue, Deputy County Administrator Jerry Demings, Public Safety Director Tom Weinberg, Deputy CountyAdministrator David Heath, Deputy County Administrator 37

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