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COUNTY GOVERNMENT I I .     () K     I  D \ HUMAN RESOURCES D 450  East South Street. 2"d Floor • Re| (407)   836-5661 • FAX (407) 836-53f I .  CONSENTAGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 4 102-1393 DATE: TO: FROM: July 3, 2006 Richard T. Grotty, County Mayor and pardof  Count   Commissioners */ an R Ricarao Daye, Human Resources Director SUBJECT:    Consent Agenda for July 11, 2006 Disaster/Emergency  Work Assignment   and Compensation Policy CONTACT:   Pati Giambarberee, Human Resources Administrator, Human Resources Division, 407-836-5828 Michelle  Holloman, Sr. Human Resources Analyst, Human Resources Division, 407-836-5902 Background The   County   implemented   a   comprehensive   Emergency   Situations   Policy  in September  1998, which served the organization  well during Y2K preparations and the wildfires of 1998.  The Policy established  basic guidelines  for reassigning staff that  were specifically trained  to  respond  to  emergencies   and  unexpected work activities  outside  of their  normal job  duties.    The  Policy  also provided additional compensation for employees performing in these emergency assignments. Proposed Revision The numerous  hurricanes  the  County endured  during  2004 required  the first  full application  of the  current  Emergency  Policy  and the  accompanying Operational Regulations.    While the Policy  and Regulations  allowed the County to adequately staff and respond to many aspects of these historic storms and their impacts on the community,  it has become apparent that certain changes are needed.   A revised policy    has   been   drafted   for   your   review   which   will   improve   the  County's responsiveness and our ability to more efficiently  and economically assign staff in future   emergencies.   The  attached  Disaster/Emergency   Work  Assignment   and Compensation Policy and Operational  Regulations reflect content revisions as well as a change to the title of the policy.   A comparison chart is also attached outlining the major differences between the current and the proposed Policy.   Theproposed revisions  were developed  based on input from County Administration,  the County Comptroller's  Office,  and  each  County  department.    The  bargaining  units  have been  provided  copies  of the  revised Disaster/Emergency  Work Assignment   and Compensation Policy and Operational  Regulations. 36

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