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I . CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY MAYOR 1 201   SOUTH   ROSALIND  AVENUE.  P.O.    Box   1393.  ORLANDO  FL   32801 niavor@orfl.npt RICHARD   T.   CROTTY MAYOR June 27, 2007 TO: Board of County Commissioners FROM: Mayor Richard T. Crotty SUBJECT: Managerial Appointment -  Planning Division Manager It  is my  pleasure  to  inform you  of  the  appointment  of  Susan Caswell  to  the  position of Manager, Planning Division, Growth Management  Department.   Ms. Caswell has been  serving as the Interim Planning  Manager  since  January  2007.  In this  role  she has  been  responsible  for  ensuring policy consistency with the division's  strategic  plan, coordinating joint  planning  agreements,  special area studies,  and  land  use  amendments.  Under  her  guidance,  the  division  has  taken  on  many projects including  developing  an  Infill  Master  Plan  and  updating  the  Comprehensive  Plan  based  on  last year's Evaluation  and Appraisal  Report (EAR).   She also  administers  grants,  RFP's, and contracts as well as assists in the preparation of the division's budget. Prior to  becoming  Interim  Manager,  Ms.  Caswell served  as Planning  Administrator since August 2006.  Before  coming to  Orange  County,  she was  employed by  the  East  Central FloridaRegional Planning  Council  for  19  years  where  she  was  promoted  up  through  the  ranks  holding multiple positions  including  Planner,   Senior   Planner,   and  Director  of   Operations.   As   the  Director  of Operations,  she partnered  with Orange  County Government  to host  the  Central Florida Workforce Housing  Summit  among  other  notable  accomplishments.  She  graduated  from   the  University of Florida with a Bachelor's  degree in Political Science  and a Masters of Public Administration. She is currently an adjunct professor with Rollins College and is also a certified planner and thepresident of the Center for Affordable  Housing, Inc. Board of Directors. Ms. Caswell will begin her new role on July 16, 2007 at an annual starting salary of $94,500. Ms.  Caswell's   resume  is  attached  for  your  review.     If  you  have  any  questions  regarding  this appointment, please contact  Ajit Lalchandani or me. ACTION  REQUESTED: Confirmation of the appointment of Susan Caswell, as Manager, Planning Division, Growth Management  Department RTC/jw Attachment c: Ajit Lalchandani,  County  Administrator David Heath, Deputy County  Administrator Sharon  Donoghue,  Deputy  County  Administrator Jim Harrison, Director,  Growth  Management Ricardo Daye, Director,  Human  Resources

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