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AGENDA Orange County Government •  Board of County Commissioners • 201South Rosalind Avenue County Commission Chambers • 1stFloor • County Administration Center TUESDAY. JULY 10. 2007 MEETING  STARTS AT 9:00  a.m. Invocation -  District 5 Pledge of Allegiance Recognition of members of the 2007 Employee Academy Presentation of Letter of Appreciation to Orange County Government for its support  of the  "Focus  on Achievement"  mentorship  program  at the  local elementary schools from the Devereux  Foundation Presentation  of  Jefferson  Award  to  Mr.  Bobby  Beagles  for  Outstanding Community Service Recognition of Governor's Points of Light award recipient Irene Hudak I CONSENT  AGENDA A. COUNTY MAYOR 1. Confirmation   of  the  appointment  of  Susan   E.  Caswell   as   Manager,   Planning Division, Growth Management Department. Page 14-16 B. COUNTY COMPTROLLER 1. Approval of the  minutes of the  June 5 and June  12, 2007  meetings  of the Board of County Commissioners. (Clerk's Office) Page 17 C. COUNTY ADMINSTRATOR 1. Approval  of  budget  amendments  #07-56  and #07-57.  (Office  of  Management and Budget) Page 18-20 2. Approval    of    CIP    amendments    #07C-9327    and   #07C-9334.    (Office    of Management and Budget) Page 21-23 CONTINUED

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