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Mayor Teresa Jacobs -ANO- Board of County Commissioners Consent Agenda Item for July 8, 2014 June 17,2014 Page 2 ACTION REQUESTED: Approval for the Orange County Sheriff's Office to spend $407,557.30 from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund to purchase Range Video Equipment ($121,087.30), MX-10 FUR System ($284,970), and a contribution to The Foundation for Early Childhood Development ($1,500). PLEASE NOTE: The Board voted to establish spending limits of 20% for this fund for contributions. At this point in the year, contributions represent 5% of the total expenditures; however, the restriction applies to total expenditures for the year, at year-end. The Sheriff's Office has stated that they monitor their expenditures, and that they will not exceed the 20% total for contributions. RS/tp Attachments c: Eric Gassman, Chief Accountability Officer Brad Hurd, Comptroller, Orange County Sheriff's Office 62


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