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l)y.\rf:.t.() i'>f\ t F,N'.L C~O?\1;-" as:: l{);' June 3,2014 11.'11 Eric Usilkowilz Economic Development Administrator Orange County Government 20'1 South Rosalind !.\,vellu8 Orlallcio, FL 32801 Deal' Eric: This letter is regarding tile final payment of funding for the Orlando Branding Initiative per the Branding and 1'v1arketing Agreement between the Oriando Economic Development Commission and Orange Counly for FY 2013-2014, signed on !\l1arch 25,2014, Tile aillount requested is $250,000,00, which represents 50 percent of lhe fiscal year allocation of $500,000,00 for the Branding Initiative, The required matching funds have been raised by the Orlando Economic Development Commission, per the agreement. and backup information for the amounts below were reviewed with Orange County staff. 2013ยท2014: EDC Matching Funds: $750,000 required to match Orange County's $500,000.00 support of the business branding initiative $250,000 October 2012-January 2014: Govemor's Council private funds allocated & spent on branding $37,500 2013-2014: Governors Council private funds carried over for branding initiatives $150,000 2013-2014: Committed from Govemors Councils for branding $150,000 2014 New private sector funds raised and designated directly for branding $79,275 30% Of new private sector investor funds raised designated for branding: Oct 1, 2013 April 14, 2014 $'100,000 EDC Foundation Grant to support the new web site for branding Orlando $766,775 Total received as of May 15! 2014 Should you have any questions concerning ,this matter, please give me a call. Thank you for your support and pal1nersllip, Sincerely, Riel<


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