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I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR Interoffice lVlemonmdn 1 AGENDA ITEM June 20,2014 TO: Mayor Teresa Jacobs -AND- Board of County Commissioners FROM: Eric Ushkowitz, Economic Development Administrator V~!£{l~ Office of Economic, Trade & Tourism Development SUBJECT: July 8,2014 - Consent Agenda Item Approval to disburse $250,000 to the Metro Orlando Econornic Development Commission for Orlando Branding Initiative At the March 25, 2014 BCe meeting the Board approved an agreement with the Economic Development Commission of Mid-Florida d/b/a the Metro· Orlando Economic Development Commission (MOEDC) for funding in the amount of $500,000 for a business branding initiative. The funding was provided in the FY 2013-14 adopted budget amendment and was approved to be disbursed in two phases. The first installment of $250,000 was provided to the MOEDC in April 2014 upon execution of the funding agreement. The remaining $250,000 was to be released contingent upon matching funds being raised in the amount of $500,000 by the MOE DC. The MOEDC has provided the attached documentation to the Orange County Office of Economic, Trade and Tourism Development that satisfies the matching requirement set forth in the funding agreement. Attachment: Letter from MOEDC regarding final payment of funding for the Orlando Branding Initiative and matching funds. ACTION REQUESTED: Approval to disburse the second phase of funding to the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission for Branding and Marketing in the amount of $250,000. 59


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