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TUESDAY. JUNE 26. 2007 I. CONSENT AGENDA  (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINSTRATOR 1. Approval for the  Orange  County  Sheriffs  Office to spend  $62,300 from the  Law Enforcement  Trust  Fund  for  Stalker  II  Radar  Units,  associated  equipment,  and warranties. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 24-28 2. Approval of budget  amendment #07-54.  (Office  of  Management  and  Budget) Page 29-30 3. Confirmation   of  the   Orange   County   Mayor's   staff   reappointments   for  the   2nd Quarter    (April   through   June)    FY   2006-07.   (Human    Resources   Division) Page 31-35 James W. Becker, Manager,  Solid Waste, Utilities Donell  E. Bjoring, Manager, Professional Services, Corrections Deodat Budhu, Manager, Roads & Drainage, Public Works Michael L. Chandler, Director,  Utilities Preston D. Cook, Manager, Civil Emergency  Management,  Fire Rescue Jerome Joseph Daigle,  Deputy General Manager, Convention Center James M. Fitzgerald, Deputy Director, Fire Administration,  Fire Rescue Grayling D. Forehand, Manager, Security & Transportation, Convention Center Mitchell  Glasser, Manager, Housing & Community Development, Growth Management Mitchell Gordon,  Manager, Zoning, Growth   Management George Hart, Jr., Deputy Director, Administrative  Services/Manager,  Real Estate Management Gillian  F. Hobbs, Manager, Community Corrections, Corrections Betty E. Meeks, Manager, Convention Center HR, Convention Center Julie R. Naditz, Manager, Highway Construction, Public Works Renzo A. Nastasi, Manager, Transportation Planning,  Public Works Ronald O. Nielsen,  Manager, Fiscal and Administrative  Support,  Utilities Robert C. Olin, Manager, Building Safety, Growth  Management Teresa Remudo-Fries,  Deputy Director,  Utilities Jacqueline W. Torbert, Manager, Water Operations,  Utilities Steven Triggs,  Manager,  Communications,   County Administration Tyra L. Witsell,  Manager, Citizens Commission for Children,  Health and Family Services CONTINUED Page 2

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