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REQUEST FOR AMENDMENT TO 5 YEAR CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS PROGRAM Department: Capital Planning Convention Center Department Amendment No.: Date Approved: 04C-9190 06/15/04 Project Information FUND 4430 4430 4430 4430 AMENDMENT TOTAL PROJECT # 0475 0961 0959 0962 PROJECT TITLE Reserves Future Capital Outlay Phase V West Access Improvements Universal Blvd FROM $ 2,915,324 $ 2,915,324 TO $ 2,863,771 27,705 23,848 $ 2,915,324 Project ID/Org 0959 Prior Years 20,210,055 Project Amount Prior To This Amendment Current Budget Future Years 182,240 Total Project 20,392,295 Revised Project Amount Current Future Budget Years Total Project 209,945 20,420,000 0962 16,582,222 93,930 16,676,152 117,778 16,700,000 0961 691,367,200 13,049,029 704,416,229 15,912,800 707,280,000 Description/Justification: CIP Amendment is necessary to transfer funds from the reserve account to Phase V Expansion Projects to facilitate project close-out The West Access Improvement Project (Org 0959) is complete except for retainage for an estimated total project cost of $20,420,000. Universal Blvd Project (Org 0962) is complete except for retainage for an estimated cost of $16,700,000 Phase V Expansion Project (Org 0961) is complete except for close-out items for an estimated total project cost of $707,280,000 Although the cost for the West Access Improvements project the Universal Blvd Project, and Phase V Expansion Project have changed, the total project cost of $748 million for the overall expansion remains the same There are sufficient funds available in the reserve account to accommodate this CIP amendment Original on file //k^ ,L DEPARTMENT MANAGER OFFI^fe OF MANAGEMENT & BUDGET J me r) ? (/ C,

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