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BUDGET TRANSFER REQUEST CONTROL NO 04C-9190 FUND NO 4430 DEPARTMENTS) Convention Center (To be assigned by 0MB) DATE 06/15/04 BCC me Request the following transfer be made for the reason(s) stated P9 1 of NO. TITLE NO TITLE NO TITLE NO. TITLE NO TITLE NO TITLE AGENCY 035 035 035 035 ORGANIZATION 0475 Reserves-Convention Center 0959 West Complex Access Improv Pro 0962 Universal Blvd R & R 0961 Phase V Expansion-Bond Funded OBJECT 9550 Reserves-Future Cap Outlay 6310 Struct and Fac Other Than BIdgs. 6310 Struct and Fac Other Than BIdgs. 6210 Buildings APPR CCG CCO CCM CCO TOTAL AMOUNT FROM $ 2,915,324 $ 2,915,324 AMOUNT TO $ 27,705 23,848 2,863,771 $ 2,915,324 JUSTIFICATION (to be completed by 0MB) This budget transfer is necessary to transfer funds from the reserve account to Phase V Expansion Projects to facilitate project close-out. The West Access Improvement Project (Orn OQF»<^ i<? nnmnlptft pyr.pnt fnr rfitainanfi fnr an fiRtimateri total nrnipnt nnRt nf .^90 490 000 1 lnivp>rc;al Rlvd (Org 0959) is complete except for retainage for an estimated total project cost of $20,420,000. Universal Blvd Project (Org 0962) is complete except for retainage for an estimated total project cost of $16,700,000.____ Phase V Expansion Project (0961) is complete except for close-out items for an estimated total project cost of $707,280,000. Although the cost for the West Access Improvements project, the Universal Blvd Project, and Phase V Expansion Project have changed, the total project cost of $748 million for the overall expansion remains the same. There are sufficient funds available in the reserve account to accommodate this transfer. REQUESTED BY. Original on file (Department Manager) (County Comptroller) APPROVED / DISAPPROVED Board of County Commissioners / County Administrator RECOMMENDED BY /V^-'S ^-^________ Office of Management & Budget REQUESTING DEPARTMENT FORWARD ENTIRE SET TO THE OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET DISTRIBUTION AFTER APPROVAL WHITE-FISCAL, GREEN-FINANCE, GOLD - 0MB, YELLOW - 0MB, PINK - REQUESTING DEPARTMENT 20

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