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Interoffice Memorandum GOVERNMENT FLORIDA May 25, 2004 TO FROM SUBJECT Richard T Crotty, County Chairman Board of County Commissioners Randy Singh, Manager, 0MB L Consent Agenda Item for June 15, 2004 Budget Amendment 04-49, Fund 0001, FY 04 Court Administration Children's Justice Act The Florida Department of Children and Families through its Children's Justice Act Grant has awarded $1,520 to the Family Ties Program administered by the Court Administration Funding will be utilized to purchase an HP Pavilion zx5000 laptop computer as specified by the Florida Department of Children and Families Program Manager This equipment is intended to enhance or improve the current technology to enable the Family Ties Program access and utilization of the database being developed by the FSU Clearinghouse for Supervised Visitation Therefore, in accordance with Section 12906(2)(d), Florida Statutes, it is recommended that the following accounts be adjusted by the amounts shown Revenues: Account Number 0001-003-7032-6990 Expenditures: Account Number (MBG) 0001-003-7032-6438 Classification Miscellaneous Revenues TOTAL REVENUES Classification Computer Equipment (New) TOTAL EXPENDITURES Amount 1,520 1,520 Amount 1,520 1,520 RS/mc County Administrator Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners Grants Finance File 16

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