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ORANGE Cou NTY MAYOR TERESA JACOBS P.O. Box 1393,201 SouTH RoSALIND AVENUE, ORLANDO, FL 32802-1393 PHONE: 407-836-7370 • FAx: 407-836-7360 • June 13, 2016 TO: Board of County Commissioners FROM: Mayor Teresa Jacobs c-;r~/~- SUBJECT: June 14, 2016 Board Meeting In light of the tragic events of Sunday, June 12, 2016, the June 14, 2016 Board of County Commissioners' meeting will begin at 2:00p.m. with an abbreviated agenda as follows: · • Invocation • Pledge of Allegiance • Public Comment I. Consent Agenda IV. Planning and Zoning Commission Recommendations V. Public Hearings No. 1 and 2 All Discussion Agenda items will be considered at future Board meetings. Public Hearing No. 3 will be continued to June 28, 2016. Public Hearings No. 4 and 5 will be continued to July 12, 2016. If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Gillespie at ext. 6-7372. TJ/cjg c: All Elected Officials Ajit M. Lalchandani, County Administrator Graciela Noriega-Jacoby, Chief of Staff Jeffrey J. Newton, County Attorney All Department Directors and Division Managers 1


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