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FY 2007/2008 REQUEST  FOR AMENDMENT  TO 5 YEAR CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS   PROGRAM Department: Public  Works Amendment No.: 08C-9169 PW - Engineering Date Approved:    06/10/08 BGEX Reference: 08C-9169 FUND PROJECT # 1312 1312 0475 2759 PROJECT TITLE RESERVES SR 50 E. ROADIMPROVEMENTS FROM $ 328,278 TO $ 328,27 8 AMENDMENTTOTAL Project ID/Org 2759 Prior Years 0 Current Budget     Future Years Total Project 1,916,474 0 1,916,474 Current Budget 2,244,752 Future Years 0 Total Project 2,244,752 This CIP amendment  is required to provide funding for payments to Florida Department of Transportation   for improvements along East SR-50 (MAST arms, lift stations, ponds, etc.) per agreements with the Board of County Commissioners on September 13, 2005.  Funds are available in the segment's pay-as-you-go fund reserves. The total project cost is increasing by the amount of these payments to FDOT. Original on file DEPARTMENT MANAGER OFFICE ENT & BUDGET 22

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