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I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY MAYOR 1 May 16, 2011 TO: Board of County commi~/,~oners Mayor Teresa Jacoe:-«) FROM: SUBJECT: Managerial Appointment - Consent Agenda Item May 24,2011 It is my pleasure to inform you of the appointment of Dil Luther to fill the vacant Animar Services Manager position. Mr. Luther has been the Animal Services Assistant Manager for over fifteen years. In October 2010, Mr. Luther was asked to provide leadership for the Animal Services Division during the Manager's extended absence. Over his career, Mr. Luther has been called upon to serve as the Acting Manager on numerous occasions. He has willingly assumed agency oversight for 82 employees and a 365 day-per-year emergency response organization and kennel operations. Mr. Luther began his career in Animal Services in February 1991 as an Animal Services Officer. He was promoted in November 1992 to Field Operations Supervisor and Assistant Manager in September 1995. Mr. Luther has expanded the services provided to Orange County citizens and been an advocate for shelter pets.· He created· and implemented the successful Neighborhood Pet Watch program and founded the first community pOlicing concept for Animal Services - the Community Action Team. He was instrumental in the development of the online Net Pets that has connected hundreds of homeless animals with potential adoption families. Mr. Luther will begin his new role as the Animal Services Manager at an annual salary of $89,900. His resume is attached for your review. If you have any questions regarding this appointment, please contact Mr. Lalchandani. T J/jrd Attachment ACTION REQUESTED: Confirmation of appointment of Oil Luther as Manager, Animal Services Division, Community & Environmental Services Department effective May 15, 2011 C: Ajit Lalchandani, County Administrator Eric Gassman, Chief Accountability Officer Ray Hanson, Interim Deputy County Administrator Melvin Pittman, Director, Community & Environmental Resources Department 14


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