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I. CONSENT AGENDA Interoffice Memorandl COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 2 O~E CWy GOVERNMENT FLORIDA DATE: April 23, 2013 I, /1\: TO: Mayor Teresa Jacobs {'\,~, , /' -ANO- t\\ \i ~I\ II Board of County Commissioners UYJb~lJ \ FROM: Terry Olson, Arts and Cultural Affairs Administrator Phone: 407-836-5546 SUBJECT: Placement of Art on Orange County Regional History Center Property CONSENT AGENDA ITEM MAY 21, 2013 On March 26, the BCC heard a presentation regarding the SEEArt Program, which is a private initiative that has raised sponsorship money to place eight large sculptures around downtown Orlando in order to beautify the area. One of the selected locations is Heritage Square in front of the Orange County Regional History Center. The History Center has participated in the selection process, setting guidelines for the type of art. As discussed at the board meeting, the county has been working with the City of Orlando on a License Agreement to allow the placement of this art in front of the History Center. The term of lease will be 25 years, with three five-year extensions upon concurrence of the County. This agreement has been reviewed by the County Attorney's Office, Arts and Cultural Affairs, and the History Center. There is no cost to the County. REQUESTED ACTION: Approval of License Agreement between Orange County, Florida and the City of Orlando, Florida for placement of Art Work on Orange County History Center property, and authorization for County staff to do all things necessary to accommodate the installation of the sculpture in accordance with the terms of the license agreement. Cc: Ajit Lalchandani, County Administrator Eric Gassman, Chief Accountability Officer Robert Guthrie, Sr. Assistant County Attorney Sara Van Arsdel, Division Manager Family Services 39


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