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JOVERNMENT L     O     K    I     D    A Interoffice Memoi I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 5 April 29, 2009 Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of County Commissioners . Richardson , Manager, Purchasing and Contracts Division TO: FROM: CONTACT:    Rosemary Whitacre, Program Development Supervisor, Customer Services, Utilities Department (407)  254-9940 SUBJECT. Sole Source Procurement of a Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) Software License  with Maintenance for Utilities Customer Information System Oracle Corporation RECOMMENDATION: Approval of the sole source procurement of a Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) Software License, with maintenance for one year, from Oracle Corporation in the not-to-exceed amount of$503,440.38.  Funds are available in account 4420 0381409 04 6440 and4420 038 140904 3192. PURPOSE: The CC&Bsoftware will replace the current PeopleSoft Enterprise RevenueManager (ERM) customer information system software used by Utilities. Support for the PeopleSoft software product will end December 2009. DISCUSSION On June 15,2004, the Board approved award of Contract Y3-616 for a Customer Information Services system to BearingPoint, Inc. This wasa turnkey implementation and the PeopleSoft ERM was the softwareproduct originally licensed through BearingPoint  The projectwentlive on  July  5,  2006,  utilizing  the  PeopleSoft  ERM  software  and  the  County  assumed responsibility for the licensing directly with PeopleSoft. Since that time, Oracle Corporation purchased PeopleSoft and has decided  to phase out support on the PeopleSoft ERM product.  CC&Bis the replacement software that will be the fully supported product from Oracle. This softwarewill provide advanced technologies and added system functionality and efficiencies for Utilitycustomers and staff. Implementation for this software is scheduled to begin in October, 2009. 76

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