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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   I    I   D  A Interoffice Memoran ! . CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 4 May 8, 2009 TO: FROM: Mayor Richard T. Crotty the Board of County Commissioners / ichardson, Manager, Purchasing and Contracts Division CONTACT: '  Glenn Taggart, Utilities Supervisor, Fiscal &Administrative Support Division PHONE: 407-836-6888 SUBJECT: Award of Invitation for Bids Y9-1026-PD,  Floating Lift Station Degreaser R FfOMMFNT) ATTON- Approval to award Invitation for Bids Y9-1026-PD, Floating  Lift  Station Degreaser,  to the  low  responsive  and  responsible   bidder,  Kennison  Kemicals,   for  a  1-year  term contract  renewable  by  the  Purchasing  and  Contracts  Division  for  an  additional  four years  in the estimated  contract  amount of $142,080.   The Water Reclamation Division anticipates that the entire contract amount will be used on an annual basis.    The Water Reclamation Division concurs with this  recommendation. The contract will provide floating lift  station degreaser to be used to dissipate the grease accumulated  in  lift  stations throughout the county.   The  product will  be purchased in five-gallon pails. DISCI ISSTON- Eight  (8) bids  were  received  in response  to this Invitation for Bids.   The bids  were evaluated  for  price,  responsiveness   and  responsibility.    The  low  bidder, Kennison Kemicals,  was  determined  to  be responsive  and responsible.    W.T  Chemicals,  Inc. was  determined  to  be  non-responsible  due  to  their  failure  to  provide  references. Pancar Industrial Supply was determined to be non-responsive by failing to provide a delivered cost per pail.  Chromate Industrial Corporation qualified their bid by stating a minimum order amount and delivery frequency.     A bid tabulation is attached. 70

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