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TUESDAY. MAY 19, 2009 I CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) C. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1. Approval  and  execution  by  the  Mayor  of  Right  of  Entry/Addendum   to  Right  of Entry   between    Farmland    Reserve,    Inc.   and   Orange    County   for   TM/Econ Mitigation   Bank   Phase   IV.   District  4.   (Real  Estate  Management  Division) Page 85-86 2. Approval  and   execution   by  the   Mayor   of  Utility  Easement   between   Orange County  and  City of Orlando  and  Orlando  Utilities  Commission  and  authorization t o  record instrumentfor Barnett Park Gym & Splash  Pool.  District 6. (Real Estate Management Division) Page 87-88 3. Approval of Non-Exclusive  Perpetual  Access Easement  between  St. Johns River Water   Management  District  and  Orange   County  and  authorization  to  disburse funds  to  pay  recording  fees  and  record  instrument  for  Green  PLACE  (Joshua Creek  Property). District 5. (Real Estate Management Division) Page 89-90 4. Approval of Contract for Sale  and  Purchase  and Warranty  Deed  between   Mary E. Allen, an  unremarried widow and sole-surviving trustee  of the Andrew S. Allen Trust  dated  1/19/94  and  the  Mary  E. Allen Trust dated  1/19/94,  each  trust  as to an   undivided  1/2   interest  and  Orange   County,  and  authorization  to  disburse funds to pay purchase price and closing costs,  and  perform all actions necessary and  incidental to closing for Lake  Down  Sub-basin  15  Outfall Treatment  Project. District 1. (Real Estate Management Division) Page  91-92 5. Approval  and  execution  by  the  Mayor  of  Fifth  Amendment   to  Lease   between William  D.  Bishop d/b/a  Kaley Investments and Orange  County and delegation of authority to the  Real  Estate  Management   Division to exercise  renewal  options, if needed,   and  authorization  to  pay  tenant  improvement  expenses  for  office  and warehouse  space  for Supervisor of Elections,  office/warehouse  complex  located at 119 West  Kaley Street, Orlando, Florida. District 6. (Real Estate Management Division) Page 93-95 6. Approval  of  the   Supplemental   Agreement   Regarding  Orange   County/Orlando Magic  Recreation  Centers. (Capital Projects Division) Page 96-108 D. COMMUNITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1. Approval  of  the  ReNEW  Nonprofit  Housing  Repair  Grant  Program  Awards  as recommended  by the  Neighborhood  Grants Advisory Board in the total amount of $98,077.31.   Districts 2, 3, and 6. (Neighborhood Services Division) Page  109- 111 CONTINUED PageS

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