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AC E NDA Orange County Government •  Board of County Commissioners • 201South Rosalind Avenue County  Commission Chambers • 1stFloor •  County Administration Center TUESDAY. MAY 8. 2007 MEETING  STARTS AT 9:00 a.m. Invocation -  Mayor Crotty Pledge of Allegiance Presentation of Presidential Call to Service Award to Jerome Jay Hipscher Presentation of resolution designating May 19, 2007 as Armed Forces Day Presentation   of  a  proclamation   designating   May  12,  2007   as   National Association of Letter Carriers National  Food Drive Day I CONSENT  AGENDA A. COUNTY COMPTROLLER 1. Approval of the  minutes  of the  April  10,  2007,  meeting  of the  Board  of County Commissioners. (Clerk's Office) Page 10 B. COUNTY ADMINSTRATOR 1. Approval   of   budget   amendments   #07-47,  #07-48,   and  #07-49.   (Office   of Management and Budget) Page 11-15 2. Approval  of the  Membership  and  Mission  Review  Board's  recommendations  for the   following   advisory   board   appointments:   (Agenda   Development   Office) Page  16-17 A. Animal Services Advisory Board: Appointment of Deputy  Sheriff Robert L.  Cobia  to  succeed  Sgt. Ron  L. Walker  in the  Orange  County  Sheriffs Office  representative  category  with  a  term  expiring  December  31,  2008. Page 18-19 B. Children   and   Family   Services  Board: Appointment   of  Shelman  L. Alexander   to   succeed   Kirsten  Palacios   in  the   at   large   representative category   and   Lee   Bryan  to   succeed   Allen   E.   Arthur  in  the   at   large representative    category    with    terms    expiring    December    31,    2008. Page 20-21 C. Health Council  of East Central  Florida:  Appointment of Andria  Annette Martin  to  succeed  Meryl  A.  Biszick  in the  health  care  provider  category and  Sandra  Lee  Johnson  to  succeed  Sue  Ellen  Dyer  in the  health  care consumer   over  60   category  with  terms   expiring  September   30,  2008. Page 22-23 CONTINUED

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