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Interoffice Memorai I CONSENT AGENDA ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1 April 12, 2004 TO: FROM: PHONE: CONTACT: PHONE: SUBJECT. Richard T. Crotty, Chairman , Board of County Commissioners ^ '-1 » Johnny M. Richardson, Manager Purchasing and Contracts Division (407) 836-5680 Tony Aguerrevere, Manager Capital Projects Division (407) 836-0040 Award of Invitation for Bids Y4-712-SB Great Oaks Village Intake and Wittenstem Cottages Renovations Opening Date: IFB Packages Issued: Bids Received: January 8, 2004 Non-M/WBE Vendors Non-M/WBE Vendors M/WBE Vendors M/WBE Vendors RECOMMENDATION Approval to award Invitation for Bids Y4-712-SB, Great Oaks Village Intake and Wittenstem Cottages Renovations, to the low responsive and responsible bidder, Sloan Builders Inc., in the amount of $324,200. Sufficient funds are available in account number 1023 062 2445 6210. The Business Development Division and the Capital Projects Division concur with this recommendation. PURPOSE The project will include all labor, materials, equipment and incidentals necessary for renovations to Great Oaks Village Intake and Wittenstein Cottages. The project includes renovation of dormitory and common areas of the cottages. The improvements include installation of new steel and wood doors with frames, interior and exterior painting, new cabinetry, millwork, shelving, appliances, electrical renovations and installation of new HVAC systems The cottages are located at 1718 East Michigan Street, Orlando, Florida. DISCUSSION The low bidder, Sloan Builders Inc., did not meet the desired M/WBE participation and failed to provide sufficient good faith effort documentation. The bid of the low M/WBE compliant bidder, Gyno 1, Inc., is over 15% higher than the low bid, which exceeds the allowable difference of 3%. Therefore, the M/WBE provisions of the solicitation allow award to the low bidder. 27

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