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I CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 2 VAJUIMJ. GOVERNMENT FLORIDA April 28, 2004 TO Richard T Crotty, County Chairman -AND- Board of County Commissioners FROM Ajit Lalchandani, County Administrator SUBJECT GOAA Reappointment CONSENT AGENDA ITEM MAY 4. 2004 The Board is being requested to reappoint Chairman Crotty to the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority with a term expiring April 16, 2006 If you have any questions, please call either County Attorney Tom Drage or me ACTION REQUESTED: REAPPOINTMENT OF COUNTY CHAIRMAN RICHARD T. CROTTY TO THE GREATER ORLANDO AVIATION AUTHORITY FOR A TERM EXPIRING APRIL 16. 2006. AML/bcc AJTT M. LALCHANDANI, County Administrator 201 South Rosalind Avenue "Reply To. Post Office Box 1393 Orlando, Florida 32802-1393 Telephone 407-836-7366 FAX 407-836-7399 Ajil Lalchandani("?ocn net ii

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