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1 CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY CHAIRMAN'S REPORT 1 ( N IHH'IIOM |0~ 8^6--1~0 l<\ 40" 8l6--<()» 201 Sol'lll ROSA] [SD A\hNI'h OR! \ND() FL j;S()l Lhjirm IIIC'^LO onnt;t. H us April 26, 2004 TO Board of County Commissioners FROM Richard T. Crotty, Orange County Chairman Subject Corrections Department Management Appointment It is my pleasure to inform you of the appointment of William Blank to the position of Major of the Corrections Main Facility operation Mr Blank will oversee the day-to-day operations for over 1,372 inmates and will supervise 335 Corrections staff Mr. Blank has over 28 years of experience in Law Enforcement/Corrections with 17 of those years in supervision He is currently the Surveillance Officer of the Superior Court of Arizona for Mancopa County Adult Population Prior to this, he was the Corrections Administrator for Gila County Sheriffs Department in Arizona. He managed the operation of three Corrections facilities, supervised over 50 employees, and managed the facility budget and extraditions for the jail. Mr Blank has a Bachelor's Degree in Management from the University ofPhoemx He also holds certificates as a Criminal Justice Consultant in Jail Operations, Tactics and Special Weapons. He bnngs an outstanding record of performance and management skills necessary to be an effective Major within the Corrections Department Mr Blank will assume his duties as the Major of the Main Facility for the Corrections Department on May 10, 2004 at a starting annual salary ofS76,000. Attached for your review is Mr Blank's resume I am confident that Mr Blank will be an exceptional asset to the Corrections Department If you have any questions regarding his qualifications, please contact Director Jerry Demmgs or Chief Tim Ryan ACTION REQUESTED: Confirmation of the appointment of William K. Blank as Major, Main Facility, Orange County Corrections Department. cc Ajit Lalchandam, County Administrator Jerry L Demmgs, Director of Public Safety Timothy P Ryan, Chief of Corrections, Corrections Department Ricardo Daye, Manager, Human Resources 10

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