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TUESDAY. MAY 2. 2006 I .   CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY  ADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval  for the  Orange  County  Sheriff's  Office to  spend  $7,521 from the  Law Enforcement  Trust  Fund  to provide  eligible  expenditure  for the  Sheriff's "Making a Difference  Program." (Office of Management  and Budget)  Page 24-27 2. Approval  to  spend  $842,581  from  the  Law  Enforcement   Impact  Fee  fund  for vehicles  and  equipment  as  detailed  in the  attachment.  (Office  of  Management and Budget) Page 28-30 3. Approval  of  Budget  amendment  06-44.  (Office  of  Management  and  Budget) Page 31-33 4. Approval  of  Budget  transfer  06-1154.  (Office  of  Management   and   Budget) Page 34-35 5. Approval of CIP  amendment  06C-9142. (Office  of  Management  and  Budget) Page 36-37 CONTINUED Page 2

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