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FLORIDA I. CONSENT AGENDA ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Interoffice'MenlOrandull DEPARTMENT 6 March 24, 2015 To: Mayor Teresa Jacobs Ii~ the Board of County Commissioners From: ~M. Richardson, Manager, Procurement Division Contact: Andres Salcedo P,E., Assistant Director, Utilities Department 407-254-9719 Subject: Award of Invitation for Bids Y15-744-PH, Summerlake Park Boulevard 30-inch Force Main Project ACTION REQUESTED: Approval to award Invitation for Bids Y15-744-PH, Summerlake Park Boulevard 30 inch Force Main Project, to the low responsive and responsible bidder, Dewitt Excavating, Inc., for the total estimated contract award amount of $1,164,215.80. PROCUREMENT: The improvements include Installation of approximately 5,300 linear feet of force main, replacement of curb and gutter and pavement resurfacing, This project is located in Orange County, District 1. FUNDING: Funding is available in account number 4420-038-1507 -6340. APPROVALS: The Utilities Engineering Division and the Business Development Division concur with this recommendation. REMARKS: The low bidder, DeWitt Excavating, Inc., has a satisfactory performance record on similar projects and achieved the MWBE goal with 25.88% participation. The bid of DeWitt Excavating, Inc. is considered reasonable based on a technical evaluation by staff and the consultant, including an analysis of the engineer's estimate. Therefore, award is recommended to DeWitt Excavating, Inc. 91


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