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I. CONSENT AGENDA ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Interofflce lViemorandu111 DEPARTMENT 2 March 31,2015 To: Mayor Teresa Jacobs and the B09lrd of County Commissioners /, // From: (f (Richardson, Manager, Procurement Division , i Contact: iSara Flynn-Kramer, Manager, Capital Projects Division (407) 836-0048 Subject: Award of Invitation for Bids Y15-740┬ĚSB, Orange County Parks and Recreatiol'"l INarehouse HVAC Replacement ACTION REQUESTED: Approval to award Invitation for Bids Y15-740-SB, Orange County Parks and Recreation Warehouse HVAC Replacement, to the low responsive and responsible bidder, Pipeline Mechanical, Inc., in the total contract award amount of $291,148. PROCUREMENT: The existing HVAC system will be replaced with a new HVAC system. Also included is pretesting of the existing HVAC system, test and balance of the new HVAC system to include all supply and return air outlets, inlets and exhaust systems, removal and replacement of all existing acoustical ceiling tiles, and interior alterations of the office plenum to accommodate new HVAC system units. FUNDING: Funding is available in account number 1023-043-2049-6210. APPROVALS: The Capital Projects Division and Business Development Division concur' with this recommendation. REMARKS: Four bids were received. Advance Mechanical Systems, Inc. was found non responsible based on previous unsatisfactory work performed for the County. Pipeline Mechanical, Inc. has a satisfactory record of performance and has been determined responsible. Therefore, award is recommended to Pipeline Mechanical, Inc. 76


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