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Deputy Coullty Attorney loci D. Prinsell Seuior Assistallt COllllty 4t1omeys Lila McHenry 4.ssislallt COl/lily 4.ttorucys A.mlrcn Adibe Roberta Alfonso iVlichacl Bray Edward M. Chew Anthony Cotter Whitncy E. Evers Wanzo Galloway, Jr. Georgiana Holmes Katherine W. Latorre Peter A. Lichtman Scott McHenry Sawsanl\lohillddin Scott Shevcncll William Turner Legal Admillistrative Supervisor Anna M. Caban Senior Paralegal Kimberly Cundiff Paralegals Cathy Saravanja, CP Maria Vargas, ACP I. CONSENT AGENDA I C01JNTY ATTORNEY~S ( COUNTY ATTORNEY JEFFREY ..T. NEWTON, ( 1 201 South J~osaljHd ,\VCl1tlC" :~nJ Floc He!,!y To: Post Ol'licc Box 1393 Orlando, FL 328()2·1 g93 !f07·8;,\()-7:12Cl • Fa:; !W7·836·5888 hi Lp:/hnnulCil.:I\·' MEMORANDUM TO: Mayor Teresa Jacobs and County Commissioners FROM: Jeffrey J. Nev.rton, County Attorney!} t\j\l; Roberta Alfonso, Assistant County Attorney Contact: (407) 836-7320 DATE: March 30, 2015 RE: Consent Agenda Item for the Board Meeting on April 21, 2015 Proposed revisions, Administrative Regulation 4. 01 titled "Impact Fees II Attached for your review is a proposed revised Administrative Regulation. I. EXPLANATION & SUMMARY OF PROPOSED REGllLATION: The attached regulation was reviewed in depth and revisions were made to ensure that the regulation is consistent with current practices and procedures. Itis our intent to place the proposal on the April 21 ,2015, Consent Agenda for approval by the Board of County Commissioners. Please advise ofany questions, comments, or modifications you p.lay wish to makc prior to that meeting. II. ACTION REQUESTED: Approval of proposed revisions to Administrative Regulation 4.01, titled "Impact Fees" AMC Attaclm1ent c: Ajit Lalchandani, County Administrator Eric Gassman, Chief Accountability Officer Joel D. Prinsell, Deputy County Attorney 69


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