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I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY MAYOR 1 TELEPHONE 407-836-7370 FAX 407-836-7360 201 SOUTH  ROSALIND  AVENUE, P.O.   Box  1393.ORLANDO FL   32801 RICHARD  T.    CROTTY MAYOR April 13, 2005 TO: Board of County Commissioners FROM: Mayor Richard T. Crotty SUBJECT: Management   Appointments I t  is my pleasure to inform you of the promotion  of three of our internal staff to fill key  management  positions  in our  Fire  Rescue and  Public  Works  departments. The effective date  of the appointments  will  be April 25, 2005. These  individuals are outstanding additions to our management  staff and each brings unique skills and experience to their new role. Fire Rescue  Department Deputy Chief, Fire Rescue -  James M. Fitzgerald Currently  the  Fire  Rescue  Department   is  comprised  of  six  divisions   reporting directly to the Fire Chief. In most fire departments of our size, there would be one or  two  Deputy  Chiefs with  a clear  second  in command  position  identified.  Our Fire Rescue has two vacant Deputy Director (Deputy Chief) positions  which have never been filled. At this time we would like to move forward with the filling of one of the Deputy Director positions and would propose the elimination of the second vacant  position.  This  action would  provide  for  a single  Deputy  Director  for  Fire Rescue  with  a  working  title  of  Deputy  Chief  and  would  realign  the   reporting requirements and re-title the other Deputy Chiefs to Division Chiefs. To  fill  this  position,  I have  selected  James  M. Fitzgerald,  currently  the  Deputy (Division)   Chief   for   Fire  Administration.   Chief   Fitzgerald   has  over   25  years experience with Orange County Fire Rescue, beginning as a Firefighter  EMT and rising through the  ranks to his current level.  He is responsible for the day to day management   of  the  department,  has  overall  responsibility   for  the   department budget, manages the capital projects, handles planning and growth issues and is a  member  of  the  negotiation  team  for  all  Fire   Rescue  labor  contacts.   Chief Fitzgerald has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Administration from Barry  University,  is a certified  Firefighter  and EMT,  and is a member  of  several professional organizations.

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