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I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTYCOMPTROLLER 1 OFFICE OF  COMPTROLLER ORANGE Marth a O. Haynie, CPA COUNTY Count y Comptroller n  rkDIRA ^ South Rosalind  Avenue I-LUKIUA Pos t Office Box 3g Orlando, FL  32802 Telephone: 407-836-5690 Fax:  407-836-5599 Website: COUNTY COMMISSION AGENDA Tuesday. April 19. 2005 COUNTY COMPTROLLER Items Requiring Consent Approval 1. Disposition of Tangible  Personal Property Board approval is requested of the following:  (Property Accounting) a. Cannibalize  assets for their useable parts. b. Scrap assets. c. Cannibalize assets for their useable parts. d. Dispose of an asset that was returned to the vendor for a full refund. e. Trade in assets for a $38,934.57 allowance towards the purchase of new equipment. f Donate assets with an approximate value of $375.00 to the Florida Department of Corrections, in lieu of selling at fair market value. 18

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