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ManagementAppointments April 13, 2005 Page 2 of 3 I n  his new  role,  Chief  Fitzgerald  will  be responsible for  all  of the  administrative and  support  divisions  for  Fire  Rescue, including  Fire  Administration,  Logistics, Communications,  and Public Information. Chief Fitzgerald's starting annual salary will be $105,000. Manager, Office of Emergency Management -  Preston D.Cook Preston   Cook   has   been   serving  as  the  Acting  Manager   for   the   Office  of Emergency  Management  since  December  2004  when  Renzy  Henshaw  retired from  Orange  County.   Mr.  Cook  originally  joined  Orange  County  in  1991  as Communications    and   Warning   Coordinator   for   the    Office   of   Emergency Management.   In  2002,   Mr.  Cook  was   promoted  to   his  current  position   of Assistant  Manager. I n  addition to  his years of experience with Orange County,  Mr. Cook served for five years in the U.S. Army in Military Intelligence  Operations. He has a Bachelor of  Science  in  Business  Administration  from  the  University  of  Phoenix  and  is certified  as  both  a  Florida  Professional  Emergency  Manager  and  a  Certified Emergency Manager. The starting annual salary for Mr. Cook will be $70,000. Public Works Department Manager, Highway Construction Division -  Julie R.Naditz, P.E. I n  early  February  2005, the  position  of Highway  Construction  Division  Manager became  vacant  when  Joe  Kunkel  was  named  the  Manager  of  Public  Works Engineering.  At that time Julie Naditz, Chief  Engineer for  Highway  Construction, was  named  Interim  Manager.  It is now time to  permanently fill the  position  and Ms. Naditz is an excellent  selection. Ms. Naditz has over 20 years of experience  in various  aspects of Public  Works project  management  and  she originally  came to  Orange  County  in  1988  as an Engineer  III in the Plan Review Section of Public Works Engineering. From there Ms.  Naditz  progressed  to  Senior  Engineer  in  Fiscal  and  finally  to  her  current position of Chief Engineer for Highway Construction. Ms. Naditz has a Bachelor's degree  in  Environmental   Engineering  from  the  University  of  Florida  and  is  a licensed Professional Engineer in both Florida and  California. The starting annual salary for Ms. Naditz will be $95,000. 10

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