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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Interoffice Memoran March 29, 2007 I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY  ADMINISTRATOR 10 TO: Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the B/oard of County Commissioners FROM: I JppMy^M. Richardson, Manager, Purchasing and Contracts Division \J\ CONTACT:    Jason Herrick, Acting Manager, Utilities Engineering Division PHONE: (407) 254-9702 SUBJECT: Ratification of Contract Y7-723 International Drive RehabilitationProject (Westwood Boulevard to Little Lake Bryan Parkway) RECOMMENDATION: Ratification  of  Contract Y7-723,  International Drive  Rehabilitation Project  (Westwood Boulevard to Little Lake Bryan Parkway),  with Gibbs & Register, Inc.,  for the base bid amount  of  $3,416,340   plus  the  additive  item  of  $1,552,500  for  a  total  amount  of $4,968,840. Funding  is  available   in  account  4420-038-1427-6340. The  Utilities Engineering Division concurs with thisrecommendation. PURPOSE: The  project  includes  the  construction  of  8,300  linear feet  of  30-inch  PVC  force main. The work  included in the  additive  item includes slip lining of the  existing  8,300  linear feet of deteriorated  30-inch ductile iron pipe force main to allow it to be converted from a 30-inch  force  main to a 24-inch reclaimed water main.  This project is located  in central Orange County. DISCUSSION: The  30-inch  ductile iron pipe  on  International Drive has  deteriorated  due  to long-term exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas.   In the past three years there have been six force main failures  on  International  Drive  between  Westwood  Boulevard  and  Little  Lake  Bryan Parkway.   These  failures  have caused  significant  soil  erosion  of  the  surrounding  soils. This condition is likely to result in roadway failure that could result in serious impacts to public safety, health and the environment.   Permanent repair  was not possible due to the inability  to  divert the  flow  off  the  line.   Consequently,  construction  of  a  new  30-inch force will adequately address this condition.  Due to the urgent nature of this requirement, time   did   not   permit   the   normal   solicitation   and   award   process   for   the   work. Consequently,  this  project  was  approved  for  emergency  contracting  and  the  work  is ongoing with an estimated completion date of February 2008. On January 25, 2007, the County received five bids.  Gibbs & Register, Inc. was selected t o  provide the services.   Gibbs & Register,  Inc. has a satisfactory  record of performance and is considered  responsible. Bids received: Gibbs & Register, Inc. Ackerman Construction Co., Inc. JMHC, Inc. Maxwell Contracting, Inc. Cathcart Contracting, Inc. Base Bid $3,416,340 $4,087,700 $3,881,260 $5,543,000 $3,170^45 Additive $1,552,500 $1,992,500 $2,529,820 $1,737,000 $8,059,095 Total $  4,968,840 $  6,080,200 $  6,411,080 $  7,280,000 $11,229,340

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