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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Interoffice  Memorain I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 8 March 19, 2007 TO: FROM: PHONE: Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of County  Commissioners . y  M. Richardson,  Manager, Purchasing and Contracts Division |07) 836-5680 CONTACT:    Deodat Budhu, Manager, Roads and Drainage Division PHONE: (407) 836-7871 SUBJECT: Award of Invitation for Bids Y7-185-J2 Term Contract for Bridge and Wall Cleaning and Painting RECOMMENDATION Approval  to  award  Invitation  for  Bids  Y7-185-J2,  Term  Contract  for  Bridge  and Wall Cleaning and Painting, to the  low responsive  and responsible bidder, Worth Contracting, Inc., in the estimated contract amount of $291,500 for a 1-year term contract, renewable for two additional 1-year option periods by the Purchasing and Contracts Division.  The Roads and Drainage Division anticipates orders will be issued for the entire contract amount on an annual basis.   Sufficient  funds  are available in account number 1002-072-2906-3197.   The Roads  and  Drainage  Division  and  the  Business  Development  Division  concur  with this recommendation. PURPOSE This  contract  provides  for  all  labor,  materials  and  equipment  necessary  for  pressure cleaning and painting of bridge walls, screen walls, and other concrete structures.  All work will be ordered on an as-needed  basis  for performance at various locations throughout the county. DISCUSSION The  low  bidder,  Worth  Contracting,  Inc.,  achieved  the  MAYBE  goal  by  reporting  45% participation in their bid.  References provided by Worth Contracting,  Inc., were positively verified   and  the  bidder  has  been  determined  to  be  responsible.     Therefore,  award  is recommended to Worth Contracting,  Inc. 36

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