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TUESDAY. APRIL 10. 2007 I CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) C. COUNTY ATTORNEY 1. Waiver   of   conflict   of   interest   pursuant   to   §2.11.01    II   (C)   Orange   County Administrative  Regulation   for  Akerman   Senterfitt  to  represent   Home   Builders Association  of Metro  Orlando,  Inc. in connection with concurrency  matters. Page 43-49 D. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1. Approval   of   Temporary    Drainage    Easements    and   authorization   to   record instruments   for   Sawgrass   Plantation    Phase    1A.   District   4.   (Real   Estate Management Division) Page 50 2. Approval  of  Utility  Easement   and  Subordination  of  Encumbrances  to  Property Rights  and  authorization  to  record  instruments for  The  Shoppes  at  Little  Lake Bryan -   Utility File  No. 32909.  District 1. (Real  Estate  Management  Division) Page 51-52 E. COMMUNITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1. Approval  of  the   Invest  in  Orange   County  ~  Our  Children's  Legacy  Initiative: Streetscape   Program  Master   Design   Guidelines.  All  Districts  (Neighborhood Services Division) Page 53-62 2. Approval  to  advertise  Resolutions  for  Special  Assessment  Liens  on  property cleaned   by  Orange   County,   pursuant  to  Orange   County  Code,   Chapter   28, Nuisances,   Article   II,   Lot   Cleaning.    Districts   1,   2,   3,   4,   and   6 (Code Enforcement Division) Page 63-64 LC07-015; LC07-128; LC07-151; LC07-166; LC07-178; LC07-129; LC07-152; LC07-189. LC07-078; LC07-139; LC07-157; LC07-089; LC07-143; LC07-182; LC07-127; LC07-144; LC07-165; CONTINUED PageS

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