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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Interoffice  Memorand I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY  ADMINISTRATOR 11 March 7,2007 TO: FROM: Mayor Richard T. Grotty and the Board of County Commissioners y M. Richardson, Manager, urchasing and Contracts Division CONTACT:    Barry Luke, Deputy Chief, Emergency Communications Division, Fire Rescue Department PHONE: 836-9119 SUBJECT: Renewal  of  Annual Maintenance  for  Computer  Aided  Dispatch  (CAD) System  Software RECOMMENDATION: Approval  for  Renewal  of  Annual  Maintenance  for  Computer  Aided  Dispatch  (CAD) System Software, with Tiburon Inc., in the amount of $167,496 for the period March 1, 2007 through February 29, 2008.   Funds are available  in account  1009 034 0651  3192. The Emergency Communications Division concurs with this recommendation. PURPOSE: To provide 24-hour, 7 days-per-week  maintenance support and software updates for the County's  proprietary  Fire  MDS,  Fire  CAD,  Fire  RMS  and  911  Mapping   software applications. DISCUSSION: The Fire Rescue Department currently uses computer software purchased from Tiburon, Inc. to handle emergency dispatch, records management, mapping and unit location and assignment   functions.   The applications were purchased  as part of a four-phase Capital Improvement  Project  (CIP)  mat  covered  Computer  Aided  Dispatch  (CAD),  Records Management System (RMS), Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) and an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) upgrade.   Tiburon is the sole supporter of its proprietary public safety and justice software application. The cost is considered reasonable as it represents only a five percent increase  over the cost of the previous annual support renewal. 53

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