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Interoffice Memoranda I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY   ADMINISTRATOR 9 GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A March 5,2007 TO: Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of County Commissioners FROM: PWknny Richardson, Manager, Purchasing and Contracts Division V^ CONTACT:    Hazem El-Assar, P.E., Chief Engineer,  Traffic  Engineering Division PHONE: 407-836-7866 SUBJECT: Approval of Contract Y7-1029-PD, Siemens Traffic  Signal Controllers R F.mMMF.NDATTON: Approval   of  Contract  Y7-1029-PD,   for  Siemens   Traffic   Signal   Controllers,   with Control Specialists Company, in the estimated annual contract amount of $300,000 for a 1-year  term  contract  renewable  by  the  Purchasing   and  Contracts   Division   for  an additional  four  years.   The final contract amount may be less than or greater than the awarded  amount based  on the  final rate of usage.   The  Traffic  Engineering  Division concurs with this recommendation. PTTRPOSK: To  supply  and  repair  traffic  signal  controllers  to  operate  536  traffic   signals  within Orange County. DTSflTSSTON- Of the 542 traffic  signal controllers the county operates and maintains, 536 are Siemens controllers.   The other six controllers  are equipped with Naztec controllers that can be synchronized with other signals in the City of Orlando that are equipped by comparable brand.   Therefore, based on this  fact  and the following documentation, the  Purchasing and   Contracts   Division   approved   the   standardization   of   Siemens    traffic    signal controllers for the Traffic  Engineering Division: (1)  Operational  Advantages    -  Standardization  will  enable  communication from one traffic  signal to another that allows synchronization  and reduction of stops and delays  for motorists.    This  is  applicable  for all signals  in  unincorporated Orange  County, all  of  its  municipalities  and  the  Reedy  Creek  Improvement District  that also  use Siemens  controllers.   The only exception  is the  City of Orlando, which uses Naztec controllers.   The county has agreed  to use those controllers at signals that should be synchronized with city signals.   The City of Orlando  has  also  agreed  to  use  Siemens  controllers  maintained  by  the  city requiring   synchronization   with   the   county's   signals. Other   operational advantages include enabling communication between traffic  signals in the field and the traffic  management center, which allows staff to remotely monitor and respond to citizen complaints and facilitate traffic control in a timely manner. 50

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