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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Interoffice  Memoranc March 5,2007 I .  CONSENT  AGENDA COUNTY  ADMINISTRATOR 6 TO: FROM: Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of County Commissioners . Richardson , Manager, Purchasing and Contracts  Division CONTACT:     Cyndi Minguy, CPT, Supply, EMS, Fire Rescue Department PHONE: 249-4550 SUBJECT: Award of Invitation for Bids Y7-181-GH, Medical Supplies RECOMMENDATION Approval  to  award  Invitation  for  Bids  Y7-181-GH,  Medical  Supplies,  to  the  two  low responsive  and  responsible  bidders,  Bound  Tree  Medical,  LLC  and  Tri-Anim  Health Services, Inc., in the estimated annual contract amounts of $266,220.10 and $196,002.30, respectively, for  1-year term contracts, renewable for two additional  1-year terms by the Purchasing and Contracts Division. The Emergency Medical  Services  Bureau  anticipates that the  entire  estimated  contract amounts   will   be   ordered   during  the   initial   contract   term   and   concurs   with   this recommendation.  The above proposed contract amounts represent the low acceptable bid based on unit prices for specific line items contained in the solicitation. PURPOSE These contracts will provide the Fire Rescue Department with reliable sources for obtaining necessary emergency medical supplies. DISCUSSION Eighteen (18) bids were received  in response  to this Invitation  for Bids.   The bids were evaluated for price, responsiveness  and responsibility.  Contract award is recommended to the low responsive  and responsible  bidders, Bound Tree Medical,  LLC for 15 of 66 line items and Tri-Anim Health Services, Inc. for  12 of the 66 line items in accordance with the terms and conditions of the solicitation.   These contracts include only line items in the EFB for which these firms are the low bidder.  All other line items will be awarded within the authority of the Purchasing and Contracts Division.

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