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TUESDAY. MARCH 27. 2007 I CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR (Continued) 12. Approval to  Purchase All  Lines  of  Commercial  Insurance Coverage  listed  below, under  Contract  Y4-1032-NW,  Insurance  Broker  Services,  for  premiums  not  to exceed $8,500,000. Excess Workers' Compensation $  1,333,800 Excess Public  Entity Liability $  1,385,000 Commercial Property Program $  5,500,000 Commercial  Crime 15,000 Windermere Boat Patrol- Work Comp $ 25,000 ReNEW Grant Program- Liability $ 11,000 Tenant User's Liability Program $ 5,200 Broker's Fee $     225.000 TOTAL $    8,500,000 ([Risk Management  Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 54-55 13. Approval  of Amendment  1, Contract  Y2-828, Final  Engineering  Design  Services for East-West  Road,  Segment  II (from Harrell to Dean  Road), with URS  Southern Corporation,  in the  amount  of $207,181.01 for  a  new  total  contract  amount  of $2,315,548.36.    ([Public  Works  Engineering  Division]  Purchasing  and Contracts Division) Page 56 14. Selection   of  Gale   Associates,  Inc., to  provide   Continuing   Building   Envelope Services,  under  Request  for  Proposals  Y7-901-CD.  ([Capital  Projects  Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 57-59 15. Approval   of   Contract   Y7-620,   Belt   Filter   Press    Repair/Rehabilitation,    with Ashbrook/Simon Hartley, in the total contract award amount of $135,765. ([Water Reclamation  Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 60-61 C. ADMINISTRATIVE  SERVICES  DEPARTMENT 1. Approval  and  execution  by the  Mayor  of First Amendment  to Agreement  related t o    Law   Enforcement   Memorial   Monument   between   Orange   County   and   The Fraternal  Order  of Police,  Lodge #93  for Law Enforcement  Memorial  Monument located  at  the  Orange   County  Courthouse,  425   N.  Orange  Avenue,   Orlando, Florida. District 3. (Administrative Services Department)  Page 62-63 2. Approval  and  execution   by  the   Mayor  of  Second   Amendment   of  Lease   and delegation   of  authority  to  the   Real   Estate   Management   Division  to  exercise renewal  options,  if needed,  between  FGHP  Properties  Limited  Partnership  and Orange  County  for  Clerk  of  Circuit  Courts/Records  Warehouse  located  at 4677 L.B.    McLeod    Road,    Suite    K,   Orlando,    Florida.    District   6.   (Real   Estate Management Division)  Page 64-65 CONTINUED Page 3

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